The Problem

If you own a saQ16-108ké warmer sooner or later it will start to drip from the dispensing nozzle.  This is a very common problem in older and frequently used equipment.  A slow drip of saké from the dispensing nozzle will persist whether the power is on or off.  As time goes by, this drip will only get worse and create a messy situation. STOP WASTING SAKÉ!  For a fraction of the price of a new saké warmer, we can fix this problem for you.

Almost all saké warmers use the same solenoid valve to control the flow of saké out of the dispensing nozzle.  As this valve ages, a rubber part in the valve loses it elasticity and can no longer effectively stop the flow of saké.  We have a replacement solenoid valve, supplied by the OEM in Japan, which has all of the same fittings and connections and is a simple 30 minute job to install.  We can repair the saké warmer for you or you can take it to a local service person and we can send him the part.

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